Instagram Influencer research by Fiverr

I have made more than $113k with Dropshipping using Instagram Shoutouts. So I have mastered my own method of how to find good influencers. 
Why Instagram Influencers? 
Much cheaper than Facebook ads or Google ads. So those with smaller budgets I recommend starting with Instagram shoutouts. 
You can find them on your own but to get the BEST results you will need the RIGHT influencers. It can be time-consuming and hard to find them. So let the expert do that for you!
What you will get?
  • A list of Influencers specific to your niche (10 with the Bronze package, 20 with the Silver package, 30 with the Gold package)
  • Excel table with researched influencers (see photo example below)
  • Influencers engagement rate, average likes and comments and real followers rating
  • PDF guide of how to contact and manage influencers 
In my guide, I share my own tips on how to contact Influencers, how to get a higher response rate, how much should you pay them and more. 


During checkout in the order notes tab write one of the following (or all):

  • Your Niche or product
  • Your Instagram profile
  • Competitor Instagram store profile
  • Influencer Instagram page (if you know any or already use any )

The more specific info you provide the better accounts I will be able to find.


Instagram Influencer research


Bronze, Silver, Gold