My name is Ryan and I live in the Baltics.

My parents told me to get a good education and find a stable job. I did that but I didn’t feel that’s what I want to do all my life.

The big changer was a famous book Rich Dad Poor Dad book by Robert T. Kiyosaki. I bet everyone knows it.

So I started to brainstorm ideas.

I have tried various ways to earn money online.

I tried penny stock trading but failed, same with the poker.

I got a small success with Amazon Affiliate but nothing big.

I still own an affiliate website which generates me around $100 every month.

In late 2016 I saw a Dropshipping thread on the BHW forum. Soon, I opened my first store. Then I opened 3 more. I didn’t have much money to spend so I did only free advertising – SEO, Instagram botting, Facebook group share, Twitter, etc. In the next one and a half years, I earned around 10k in revenue and about 5k of that was profit.

Well, let’s be honest, I thought I will earn much more than that but as I worked a full-time job and didn’t spend a dollar from the Dropshipping money I had 5k in my account and I thought I have to start do paid advertising.

Then I tried Instagram shoutouts and fell in love with them. I bought my first Instagram shoutout in July 2018 and since then I have earned more than $113k in revenue.

I came up to an idea that I could earn extra by teaching my knowledge so I made an e-book about how I made money with Dropshipping using Instagram shoutouts.

So that’s why I opened this website. Let’s see what comes next.